Welcome to my commission’s webpage!

Here you can order a specially made artwork from myself.


Please take time to look over the terms and conditions before placing an order so we can work together without any misunderstandings.

I am currently charging $30 AUD for my services.

*All below examples are based on timed experiences.
Prices/time may decrease or increase based on detail and effort.

1-2 hour

In this time period, I can fully colour something simple or small like an mask, weapon or come up with a good idea for a logo

3-4 hour

In this time period, I can fully colour a full body character, a detailed bust, small creature design or a logo.

5-6 hours

In this time period, I can fully colour a moderate detailed environment,  two full bodied characters or a large detailed creature.

8+ hours

In this time period I can create a  high detailed environment and multiple characters.

Commission Request
So you are ready to order? Great! Just fill out a few questions and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Before you send, please make sure you read my terms and conditions, Thankyou!
Price Quote
Want a better idea of what you would be paying? That is fine, you can send me a brief description of what you want and get a free quote via email. EASY!